How to Reset the Luminox Chrono Sweep

The Chrono is a line of men's watches manufactured by Luminox. The line of watches is not only available to the public but also manufactured for and worn by the Navy Seals. The hour, minute and seconds hands are also known and referred to as sweeps. If the sweeps are not displaying the proper time, they need to be reset. The most common reasons sweeps need to be reset is because of battery failure or a time change due to Daylight Saving Time.

Pull out the crown to the III position, or as far out as it will go. The crown is the middle dial on the right-hand side.

Press and hold the "A" and "B" buttons until the center stop-second dial rotates 360 degrees. Then, release the "A" and "B" buttons. The "A" button is located above the crown on the right-hand side and the "B" button is located below the crown.

Adjust the center stop second by pressing the "A" button one time to move the hand one step, or holding down the "A" button to continuously move the dial. Release the button when the hand is at the desired position. Press the "B" button to move to the next hand.

Adjust the 1/10 second counter hand following the same steps as above. Press the "B" button to move to the next hand.

Adjust the minute counter hand and press the "B" button, followed by adjusting the hour counting hand.

Push the crown all the way in, back to the I position.