Instructions for the Functions of an Omega Sea Master Watch

Omega Seamaster watches are designed for scuba diving at depths of up to 600 meters. Seamaster models have either a self-winding or quartz movement. Self-winding watches wind when worn or put in a watch winder. Quartz watches are battery powered.

Locate the crown on the right side of the watch at the 3 o'clock position. Pull the crown out to position one, called the occasional winding position. This means if you have a self-winding watch and the watch has stopped, you can wind the watch by turning the crown clockwise. If your watch is battery powered, you do not need to wind it.

Pull the crown out all the way to the second position to adjust the hour hand. Turn the crown forwards or backwards to change the time. The hour hand will move in one-hour increments. To adjust the minute hand, pull the crown out to position three. You will know that the crown is in position three, because the second hand will stop moving. Rotate the crown forwards or backwards to change the time.

Push the crown back into the watch to secure the crown in its normal position.

Release the helium escape valve located on the upper left side of the case if you have been diving at great depths for multiple days. When a diver comes up to the surface, the atmospheric pressure changes and pressure builds up inside the watch. Once a diver is at the surface, he should release the valve and let the gasses escape to prevent damage to the watch gaskets.

Use the rotating the bezel located on the exterior of the watch case at the beginning of a dive. Match the silver triangle on the bezel to the minute hand at the start of your dive. This allows you to track the length of your dive. The bezel does not rotate counter clockwise to prevent a diver from accidentally moving the bezel backwards during a dive.