How to Start a Seiko Kinetic Watch

kinetic watches store the electrical energy generated by the movements of your body in a rechargeable battery that is used to power the timepiece. seiko kinetic watches include helpful features like a "Power Save Function," which stops the hands after 24 hours of inactivity, and a "Time Relay Function," which moves the hands back to the correct time when the watch is restarted. Starting your Seiko kinetic watch is simple and takes just seconds.

Check the crown on your Seiko kinetic watch to make sure it is pushed all the way in. Note that if the crown is pulled out to the second position it will cancel the time relay function and prevent the watch from starting.

Hold the Seiko kinetic wrist watch in a tightly closed palm.

Swing the watch from side to side in an approximately 8 inch arc. Swing the watch four to six times using gentle, rhythmic movements. Your watch should now start.