How to Set the Time on a Children's Watch

Giving your children a watch is a great way of teaching them how to tell the time. Whether it is analog or digital, the watch will expose them to the way the hands move or the numbers advance, giving them a point of reference when it comes to learning the time properly later on. Before handing your child the watch, you must first set the time. Since every watch is different the exact instructions might vary depending on your model.

Analog Children's Watches

Locate the "Crown" dial on the right side of the watch near the number "3."

Pinch or slide a fingernail underneath the crown and lift it up as far as it will go.

Spin the crown clockwise or counterclockwise; the hands will move forward and backward.

Adjust the hands so the correct time is showing and push the crown back down. The watch will start moving from the correct time.

Digital Children's Watch

Place the watch in time mode, if the digital watch has multiple functions. This is usually done by tapping one of the buttons on the side of the watch.

Press or hold the "Set" button. The exact location of this button varies by watch. It is in the top left corner on Casio Baby G watches, for example. The hour or minutes will begin flashing on the display.

Tap the buttons that advance the time, usually located on the right side of the watch. Stop when the correct hours or minutes are showing.

Press the "Set" button a final time; the watch will exit setup mode and show the correct time.