How to Set the Alarm on a Citizen's Solar Powered Watch

One of the must useful functions available on the Citizen's Eco-Drive watch is the alarm feature, which allows two alarms to be set for different times. This article uses Citizen's E860 movement caliber as an example; your watch might be similar. If it is not, please consult the Citizen website to learn more about your particular model.

Turn the crown to set the mode to Alarm 1 or Alarm 2. The crown of the watch is the turning button located by the 3 o'clock marker on the watch face. The mode hand is located in the small bottom dial near the 6 o'clock time marker on the watch face. Alarm 1 is designated by the AL-1 abbreviation, while Alarm 2 is designated by the AL-2 abbreviation.

Gently pull the crown out as far as it will go. This puts the crown into the alarm setting position and automatically turns on the alarm setting.

Turn the crown to set the alarm time. Moving the crown to the right turns the hour hand and minute hand clockwise; moving the crown to the left turns them in the opposite direction. Use the 24-hour hand, located in the 24-hour face between the 10 o'clock and 11 o'clock markers on the watch face, to differentiate between an AM or PM alarm setting.

Turn the alarm setting on and off by pressing the A button, located above the crown, while the crown is pulled out into the alarm mode.

Stop the sound of the alarm by pressing either the A button or the B button, the latter of which is located below the crown.