Tissot V8 Operating Instructions

by Daniel Barrows ; Updated September 28, 2017

The Tissot V8 is a men's watch that features a stainless steel case, a tachymeter bezel, quartz movement, a brown leather strap, a day calendar and a built-in timer. First-time users will find it necessary to manually set the watch to display the current time and date; this is accomplished by manipulating a simple set of controls installed on one side of the watch face. These controls also serve to activate and manage the timer feature.


Step 1

Familiarize yourself with the watch's controls. The Tissot V8 features a small knob, also known as the "crown," on the right side of the device. The crown has three position settings; pulling it halfway out will shift it from the first, or "I," setting to the second, or "II," setting. Pull the crown out completely to shift to third, or "III," setting. Two buttons, labeled "A" and "B," are located above and below the knob, respectively.

Step 2

Set the crown to the "II" setting. Note the date indicator located to the left of the "B" button. Turn the crown in either direction until the date indicator matches the current date.

Step 3

Set the crown to the "III" setting. Check a clock or similar device to note the current time, then turn the crown in either direction until the hour and minute hands reach the correct position. Adjust the minute hand forward by an additional minute. Push the crown inward, to the "II" setting; this will cause the seconds hand to stop moving.

Step 4

Wait until the current time matches the setting on the watch, then press the crown inward to the "I" setting; this will synchronize your watch to the current time and cause the seconds hand to resume moving.


Step 1

Note the three small counters located underneath the hour, minute and seconds hands. Going clockwise from the upper-left, these counters keep track of minutes, tenths of seconds and seconds when the timer is in use.

Step 2

Set the crown to the "II" setting. Press the "A" and "B" buttons to reset the tenths of seconds and seconds counters, respectively.

Step 3

Set the crown to the "III" setting. Press the "A" button to reset the minute counter. Push the crown back to the "I" setting.

Step 4

Press the "A" button once to begin the timer and again to pause it; press the button a third time to resume the timer. To use the "split-time" feature, press the "B" button while the timer is running. This will cause the counter hands to pause momentarily, allowing you to read them more easily; the watch will continue to keep track of the elapsed time while the hands are stationary. When you press the "A" button again, the counter hands will move to match the elapsed time.

Step 5

Press the "A" button to pause the timer, then press the "B" button to reset it, if desired.


  • You must reset all three counters before using the timer feature.

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