How to Set the Time on a Puma Watch

by Jon Stefansson ; Updated September 28, 2017

Adjust your Puma wristwatch for Daylight Saving Time.

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Puma is a German sportswear, equipment and accessory manufacturer based in the city of Herzogenaurach. The company makes a range of wristwatches suitable for use while exercising. The time isn't set when you first remove your Puma watch from its packaging: you must adjust the hands using the main dial on the side of the bezel, or use the watch's buttons if you've bought a digital model. Once set, your Puma watch should provide several years of faithful service until the battery runs out.

Setting a Puma Watch Manually

Step 1

Take off your Puma watch and slip a fingernail beneath the dial on the side of the watch between the two buttons.

Step 2

Pull the dial out as far as it will go. The dial clicks twice on its way out. The watch will stop.

Step 3

Turn the dial until the hour and minute hands show the correct time.

Step 4

Push the dial back down as far as it will go. The watch will start from the corrected time.

Setting a Puma Watch Digitally

Step 1

Press and hold the button on the bottom right corner of the Puma digital watch. The seconds will flash on the display. Push the top right button -- the seconds will return to zero.

Step 2

Push the button on the bottom left corner of the watch. The minutes will flash. Tap the top and bottom right buttons until the correct minute appears. Push the bottom left button. The hours will flash.

Step 3

Tap the top and bottom right buttons until the correct hour appears. Hold the bottom left button for two seconds. The watch will exit the setting mode. The time will now be set.

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