Swiss Military Watch Instructions

Swiss Military watches are some of the most respected diving watches on the market, having survived depths of 20,000 feet. These premium diving watches come in a variety of models and colors and are easy to set and work with both for diving and in everyday life. With proper care and adherence to the maker's recommendations, your Swiss Military watch should last for years.

Set your watch by pulling the watch knob out to position two, which means all the way out. Find a clock that will state the proper time, adjust this for your time zone and set your watch by pulling out the watch knob on the side, and turning it to the right time.

Wind your watch next. A Swiss military watch should be wound 20 times. The watch will have a power reserve of 38 hours and should be self-winding after the initial 20 turns.

Set the calendar, which should ideally be adjusted when the hour hand is between the two and the eight. Reset the time, if necessary, adjust the date and then change it back to the correct time. Set the date by putting the watch knob into position one, or the first faint "click" you feel as you pull the knob outward.