How to Change the Time on Tissot Watches

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Tissot is a Swiss watchmaking company that has been in business since 1853. It is a mid-luxury brand (with watches costing at least several hundred dollars) that offers high-quality Swiss timepieces. There are two categories of Tissot watches: analog and a digital version called the T-Touch. Both watch styles make it easy to set the time as long as you follow the simple steps.

Analog Watch

Locate the screw on the side of the watch face. This screw is what you will use to set the time on your watch. Water-resistant watches have a screw-type crown, and the screw must be turned toward the body (unscrewed) before it can be pulled out for further use. If the watch is not water-resistant, the unscrewing is unnecessary.

Pull the screw gently outward. The screw can be pulled outward in two positions. The first position sets the date and day. Pull the screw out farther (into the second position) to set the time.

Turn the screw either clockwise or counterclockwise to move the minute and hour hands to the desired time. Push the screw all the way in (and turn it away from the body if you have the water-resistant model) when you are finished.

Digital Watch

Locate the three buttons on the side of the watch face. These are the buttons used to set the time. The top button is the "+" indicator for increasing the numbers. The bottom button is the "-" indicator for decreasing numbers. The center button is to activate the setting mode.

Press the center button in for one second. The watch will beep.

Press the top "+" button for two seconds. After the watch beeps, you can begin setting the time.

Press either the "+" button or the "-" button (depending on whether you want to increase or decrease the numbers) to set the time.

Press the center button when you are finished. The watch will beep. This validates the setting. The seconds will revert to zero.