How to Set a Wristwatch

Woman checking time on watch

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If you like knowing what time it is but don't want to rely on looking at your cell phone you may want to opt for a wristwatch. However, when you first purchase the wristwatch the time most likely isn't correct. Because of this, you need to correct the time of the watch. If you have a watch with rotating hands the time adjustment is fairly straightforward, while setting the time on a digital wristwatch can differ from model to model.

Rotating Hands Watch

Find the small nob on the side of the analog wristwatch.

Pull the nob away from the wristwatch.

Turn the nob and the hands on the watch will begin to turn with it. Look at the correct time on a different clock and turn the nob until the displayed time matches the current time.

Push the nob back into the wristwatch to lock in the time.

Digital Watch

Consult the instruction manual that came with your watch. This will tell you exactly what buttons to press when setting the time.

Push in the button that brings up the time adjustment settings. If you do not have a manual you can figure this out by trial and error. There are only a few different buttons on the watch, so press all of the buttons, and try a combination, too. You'll know you have reached the time adjustment settings when the numbers on the screen begin to flash.

Press the time changing button. This changes the time one number at a time. After each number push the set button to save the number and move onto the the next. For example, if the time is 4:50 you need the time to read 04:50 on your watch. Adjust the first number until it reaches "0," press "Set" and you can now adjust the 4. Once you reach "4," press "Set" and the adjustment moves onto the 5. Repeat this process until you have completely adjusted the hour and minutes. Press "Set" several times to exit out of the time adjustment settings and lock the new time onto your screen.