How to Change the Date & Time on a Rolex Oyster Perpetual Watch

The Rolex Oyster watch is the most tradition Rolex watch. It has a simple face with a date feature at the 3 o'clock position. All Rolex Oyster watches have an automatic movement, which means the watch self-winds and does not run on battery power. Changing the time and date on a Rolex is a simple process, but it should be done with care to avoid hurting the movement.

Turn the crown counter-clockwise or to the left to unscrew it. You will feel the crown pop out when it is unscrewed. When the crown is screwed into the watch, it is in position one. When it is unscrewed, it is in position two, where you can manually wind the watch.

Pull the crown out one notch. You will feel a "tick" when the crown passes the first notch and enters position three. In position three, you can change the date on the watch by turning the crown clockwise.

Pull the crown out one more notch to position four to change the time on the watch. Position four is the last crown position on the Oyster Perpetual. Turn the crown clockwise to change the time. The second hand will stop in position four and will not start again until you move the crown to position two.

Push the crown into the watch and turn it clockwise to return it to position one. The crown should be screwed in tightly to ensure that the case is watertight.