How to Replace the Watch Battery in a Dakota

The Dakota watch company began in 1945 and now operates more than 200 retail stores in the United States, according to the company website. The company offers men’s and women’s sports and dress watches in a variety of styles. All Dakota watches come with a five-year guarantee from the date of purchase and can be repaired by an authorized Dakota retailer during that time. However, changing the battery in a Dakota watch can be done at home. Note that changing the battery depends on the type of case back on the watch and may require a case wrench or small screwdriver.

Look at the case back of the watch to determine if it is a screw back or snap back. Screw back watches will have at least two small notches on the back, while a snap back is smooth with a notch on the side.

To open a screw back case, use a small, flat screwdriver, such as one for eyeglasses, into the notches and turn. Alternatively, use a case wrench, which has several small tips that are inserted in the slots at the same time and then turned counterclockwise to open the watch. A case wrench can be purchased at many watch repair stores.

Open a snap back by inserting the blade of a small flat screwdriver in the notch between the watch and the case back. Lift slightly for the case back to pop off.

Use the screwdriver or your fingernail to lift up the clip holding in the watch battery. If there is a small screw holding the clip in place, unscrew it with the screwdriver.

Insert a new watch battery and return the clip to its original position.

Set the case back on the watch and use the case wrench or screwdriver to turn the notches clockwise on a screw back to return the case back into position. Line up the notches on a snap back and press gently. The case back should pop back into place.

Reset the watch as necessary.