How to Change the Battery in a Disney Timeworks Watch

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If your Disney Timeworks watch has slowed or stopped entirely, it may be time to change the battery. You can have the battery changed at any Disney them park location selling watches or jewelry or you can change the battery yourself. Disney Timeworks watches come in several different sizes and styles, but the techniques used to change the batteries are the same no matter what style you have.

Turn the watch face down on a flat work surface. Use the screwdriver or blade to pry off the back cover of the watch. If you have an older model with a notched edge, you may need to use needle nose pliers to remove the back.

Remove the battery from the watch. The battery is a disc-shaped pellet and should come out easily.

Place the new battery into the watch, using tweezers if needed. Check the watch to be sure it is running, and that the battery is in the correct spot.

Replace the watch back by snapping or screwing it back in place, and reset the watch to the correct time.