How to Adjust a Kenneth Cole Wrist Band

by Don Davis ; Updated September 28, 2017

Stylish watches should not fall off your wrist.

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Kenneth Cole watches come with two kinds of wrist bands, leather strap and adjustable link. The link wrist bands come in multiple styles but they all disassemble and assemble the same way. The bands have 15 links and six of the links have removable pins. Most link watch bands are adjusted either by removing links or by adjusting the clasp. The Kenneth Cole band is at its longest when you buy it, and it may be shortened by removing one or more of the links.

Examine the watch on your wrist and estimate how many of the 15 links you must remove for the wrist band to fit properly. Link bands should fit loosely.

Take off the watch. Identify the removable pins.

Look inside the watch band. An arrow will indicate the direction you should push the pins.

Set the band on its side with the arrow pointing down. Position the jeweler’s screwdriver on the removable pin and gently tap with tack hammer.

Push the pin out with the screwdriver. Push out additional pins as needed using the same procedure.

Remove as many links as you need to remove to make the wrist band fit.

Reassemble the wrist band links by pushing a removable pin back into the connection between the links. Check the fit.

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