How to Reduce a Tissot Watch Strap

Tissot, founded in 1853 by Charles Tissot, is known for introducing the first mass-produced pocket watch. It produces many popular watches today, including the Le Locle and the T-Touch. Adjusting watchbands is an easy procedure with the correct tools and careful instructions. Tissot uses both metal and rubber bands that require tools to adjust.

Metal Bands

Place the watch face down on the soft cloth, to prevent scratching while working on the band.

Examine the inner side of the watchband and locate the small arrow markers. These show the direction that the pin inside the watch band must be pushed out. If the band does not indicate a direction, push it either direction.

Push the pin out in the direction of the arrow using a pin removal device. A small screwdriver or other pin driving tool will work in the absence of a pin removal tool. Remove the pin from the other side of the link with your fingers or a small pair of pliers.

Repeat Step 3 to remove as many links as needed. Remove from both sides of the band to keep the watchband even.

Rejoin the band with the buckle by reversing the process of link removal. Line up the bracelet halves, then drive the pin back into the bracelet opposite the direction of the arrow. Push this pin flush with the bracelet and repeat for the other side of the band.

Rubber Bands

Remove the deployant clasp from the watchband. The clasp is attached using spring bars on each end of the clasp. The method of spring bar removal varies but is usually performed by pushing a small pointed tool (one end of a spring bar tool) into a hole at the end of the clasp. While depressing the spring rod, pull the buckle away from the bracelet to detach. Repeat this for both sides of the buckle.

Measure the watchband to determine proper sizing. Use the scissors to cut along the inner grooves to remove needed sections (each section of the rubber will contain a new set of holes for the bracelet spring bars). Cut carefully and conservatively, as this step cannot be undone.

Reattach the buckle to the band after resizing. Reverse Step 1, pushing the spring bar in while sliding the buckle back into place.