How to Remove Stainless Steel Links From Tommy Hilfiger Watches

Tommy Hilfiger has produced clothing and accessories since its founding in 1984. Adjusting the links on a wristwatch can be a confusing task, yet while many rely on a local jeweler, watch bands can be easily adjusted at home. Tommy Hilfiger watches use the most common split pin system to attach links, and therefore can be adjusted with a few simple tools and care. If your watch does not seem to use the split pin system, contact Tommy Hilfiger for specific instructions.

Set your watch face down on a soft cloth. This will keep the face safe from damage while you work on the band.

Examine the watch band and find the removable links. Locate the links with small exposed pins on the narrow edge of the link. Removable links will also be marked with a small engraved arrow on the underside of the link.

Place the driving tool on the edge of the pin, and push the pin out of the watch in the direction of the arrow. Pull from the other side if needed to fully remove the pin.

Repeat Step 3 to remove as many links as needed. Alternate sides of the band while removing links, as the watch will not balance on the wrist correctly if you do not.

Rejoin the band by holding the remaining band up to the buckle and sliding a pin into place. Be sure to push the split pin in the opposite direction of the engraved arrow--you are reversing the removal process. Complete this step for both sides to connect the band.