How to Open a Rolex Watch Band

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Rolex is a well-known brand in luxury watches. A Rolex is valued both for its craftsmanship as well as its longevity. With watches ranging from $4,000 to more than $100,000, the company's standards are high--and extend even to the watch band.

Opening Rolex Bands

Locate the flip-lock section on the bracelet. It is a small metal tab, located directly above the small crown on the bracelet clasp. This will be present on almost all Rolex models. Place your fingernail under the indentation above the crown, and push the flip-lock out.

Reach under the now exposed section at the end of the buckle with the flip-lock. Pull up gently on the metal until the main clasp disengages.

Pull the clasp back, and allow the metal leaves to fold apart. This will allow you to remove the bracelet, or place it on your wrist.

Removing Rolex Bands

Set the watch face down on the soft cloth. This is to prevent scratching the face of the Rolex, especially the small date magnifier.

Locate the screw links on the band. They will be the links on each side of the clasp, which show small screw heads on the edge of the band. These links are removable.

Using the small screwdriver, remove the screw from one of the links. Pull this screw out of the band after it is fully unscrewed, and set it in a safe place.

Repeat Step 3 as many times as needed to remove links to size the band. Be sure to remove links from both sides of the band to keep the symmetry.

Attach the clasp with the remaining links by reversing Step 3. Connect the link and the clasp, and use the small screwdriver to attach the link to the clasp.