How to Remove Links From a Tag Heuer Carrera Bracelet

Tag Heuer watches are renowned for their quality and precision. Several of the models, including the Carrera range, come with metallic link bracelet straps. The metal links can be added or removed for a more comfortable fit. Sound easy? Its not as easy as it looks, but it does get easier with practice. Add or remove links on your Tag Heuer Carrera with some specialized tools and a lot of muscle.

Put the watch on your wrist and see how many links you wish to remove. If you are only removing one link, you can take it from anywhere on the strap. To remove more than one link, you should remove links from both sides of the strap to ensure that the clasp remains centered.

Lay the soft cloth out on your working surface. This will prevent the watch from getting scuffed while you are working. Select the links you want to remove.

Remove the bracelet from the watch case. Locate the spring bar. This bar is attached the bracelet strap to the watch case. There are two lugs protruding from each side of the watch case and the spring bar holds the watch band between these lug. Insert the spring bar tool between the lug and the strap with the hooked end around the spring bar.

Press down on the spring bar tool until the spring bar is depressed enough to release it from the lug. Move the spring bar towards you and away from the watch case. Slowly release the spring bar. Do not let it pop out, as you may loose it. Remove the spring bars from the bracelet and keep them in a safe place.

Choose which links to remove on the end of the bracelet that was closest to the watch case. You can add links here too. Using the Bergeron 3153 pin, push on the small end of the pin that hold your link in place. You will have to exert a great deal of force at first, but once the pin starts moving, it will be easier. Hold the watch band as you do so to keep it steady.

Add links by aligning the new link with those already on the bracelet. Remember that Tag Heuer bracelet link pins are asymmetrical. This means that they have a small pin head on one side and a large pin head on the other side. Turn the bracelet over to the side where the large pin heads are. Align the two links, and push the small side of the pin head all the way through both links. Use the Bergeron pin tool to insert the pin until you hear it click into place. The pin head should be level with the link.

Reinsert the spring bars once you have removed or added the correct number of links. Place the bottom of the spring bar in the lug furthest from you. Catch the top of the spring bar in the spring bar tool hook and press down on the spring bar. Move it into position under the top lug and slowly release until the spring bar is holding the bracelet in place between the lugs.