How to Replace the Watch Band for a Casio G-Shock

Crown of a digital wrist watch image by GenerImageN from

Casio G-Shock watches tend to last a lifetime, but the bands sometimes need to be replaced. With a little bit of time and a few supplies, you can replace the watch band easily.

Place the watch face-down on a soft cloth or handkerchief to prevent accidental scratching.

Locate the spring bars at the base of each strap, next to the watch. These hold the watch band in place. On some models, the spring bars are covered, and on others, they are exposed.

Using the forked spring-bar removal tool, apply pressure on the spring bar. This will release the bar. Gently pull the band away from the watch. Repeat with the other spring bar.

Remove the spring bars from the old band and place them in the rod slots of the new band.

Before you attach the new band, make sure the wrong side of the band is facing you (because you are working on the back side of the watch). Also make sure that the buckle is on the left side.

Fit one side of the band in place, and use the spring-bar tool to slip one end of the bar into its tiny socket. You should feel it catch. Repeat with the other side of the bar. .

Repeat Step 7 on the other half of the band, and then pull lightly on each side to check for a secure hold.

Place your watch back on your wrist and enjoy your new watch band.