How to Adjust a Self-Adjusting Watch Band

Watch image by Aqeel Ahmed from

Self-adjusting watch bands enable the user to simply put on the watch without having to play with the strap. The watch is held in place by a stretch band. If the band is too big for your wrist when it is not stretched, some of the stretch links need to be removed to allow the watch to fit on your wrist.

Measure the watchband. Attach one end to the watchcase. Wrap the band around your wrist. Count how many links the overlap is and add one. This is the amount of links that need to be removed from the band.

Put the band face down on a flat work surface. Bend down the top edge flaps on the section to be removed.

Flip over the band. Open the bottom edge flaps, located immediately to the left of the open top flap.

Disengage the staples holding the links together by sliding the section to be removed sideways.

Reconnect the band ends. Engage the staples on both ends at the same time. Close the top and bottom flaps to hold the links in place.