How to Size Ceramic Watch Bands

Watches with ceramic bands have a reputation for being notoriously difficult to self-adjust. In fact, most watch manufacturers recommend that ceramic watch bands be sized by a professional jeweler. If you decide to go this route you can expect to pay up to $25 to have the excess ceramic links removed from your watch band. The adventurous do-it-yourselfer can perform the very same band adjustment at home with common household items for absolutely no cost.

Determine how many links to remove from your ceramic watch band. Wrap the band around your wrist, count the links that overlap and remove approximately that many links. Occasionally you will have to remove one more or one less link than your initial estimate.

Open your watch band clasp and examine the pieces to locate the metal link pins that secure them to their neighboring watch links. Use a thumbtack to push out the metal pins and free the clasp pieces. Remove the watch band clasp pieces from both ends of your ceramic watch band if you will be removing more than one link. If you are removing a single link it is only necessary to remove the clasp piece from one side of the watch band.

Examine your ceramic watch band to locate the silicone pieces between each of the removable watch links. Cut directly between the link, or links, you want to remove and the neighboring silicone piece with a pair of small, pointed scissors to remove the excess links from the rest of the watch band. Make sure to make your cut on the side of the link that is facing the end of the band. Remove an equal number of watch links from each side of the band to ensure that the clasp will be as centered as possible when reattached.

Reattach the clasp pieces to the ends of your newly-sized ceramic watch band. Examine the exposed silicone connector pieces at the ends of the band to locate the two small puncture holes that are used to secure the clasp. Fit the teeth of the clasp piece through the puncture holes from underneath. Fold the other side of the clasp piece over and apply gentle pressure to it to snap it into place. Repeat the process to attach the second clasp piece to the other side of your ceramic watch band.