How to Adjust a Coach Watch Band

Coach manufactures watches and other fashion items, such as wallets, handbags and jewelry. The bands from the watches are made from rubber, leather or metal. While the rubber and leather bands are easily adjusted via the clasp, the metal straps require links to be removed to adjust them. Remove the lnks with basic household tools.

Place the watch on your wrist. Tighten the clasp closed. Take the strap in a pinch so that the watch is sitting correctly on your wrist. The number of links that you hold in the pinch is the number that you need to remove.

Look on the underside of the watch band. Etched on a number of the links are small arrows. These are the removable links and the arrows point in the direction that you have to push the holding pin out.

Push a pin into the hole on the side of the link that you wish to remove in the direction that the arrow is pointing. Pull the exposed holding pin out of the other side with pliers. Remove the pin from the other side and remove the link between them. Remove as many links as you need. It is better to remove equal numbers from each side of the watch band to keep the balance correct.

Realign the ends of the watch so the holes are lined up. Push the holding pins back into the holes to re-secure the watch band. Try on the watch to check if the fit is correct.