How to Change a Watch Band on a Gucci Watch

by Rob Kemmett ; Updated September 28, 2017

Whether you need to fix a broken strap or want a new look, replacing the watch band on a Gucci watch is a fairly easy process. Both men's and women’s Gucci watches are made with one of two styles of wrist bands: leather strap or metal link. Replacing both styles of wrist bands is done the same way. All you need is a spring bar removal tool and a new band.

Insert a spring bar tool into the small opening on the side of the clasp that holds the watch strap to the case (the body of the watch). If the watch does not have an exposed spring bar, insert the spring bar tool between the strap and the case.

Push the spring bar tool into the opening until you feel the spring release. If the watch band is held on with pins, push the spring bar tool into the opening until the pins are extracted. Save the pins.

Remove the watch band from the case.

Repeat this process to remove the opposite side of the strap.

Position the new watch band against the clasp on the watch case. Push the spring bar into position with the spring bar tool. If the watch band is held on with pins, align the holes in the band with the openings on the case and insert the pins into the holes.

Push the spring bar with the spring bar tool until it pops into place. Gently tug the watch band to ensure the spring bar is secure. If the watch band is held on with pins, push the pins until they are completely inserted into the holes.

Repeat this process to attach the other end of the new watch band.

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