How to Replace Armitron Watch Bands


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armitron watches are a favorite among many because they include things like calendars, stopwatches, calculators and organizers. When the band on your favorite Armitron watch needs to be replaced, the most difficult thing part of the task is choosing what style to use. You can replace the bands on an Armitron watch in about 15 minutes.

Hold your Armitron watch by one band, near where it joins the watch face.

Insert the screwdriver in the space between the side of the end of the band and the lug of the watch face. The lug is the part of the watch face that "bumps out" to hold the band.

Push the watch pin into the watch band so the end comes out of the lug. The watch pin is made of two separate pieces that compress on a spring. Pull that end of the watch pin away from the lug and remove the band from the face.

Repeat steps 2 and 3 to remove the other side of the band.

Pinch the end of the watch pin between your thumb and forefinger and pull it out of the end of the old watch band. Do so with the other pin. Then insert the pins, one on each end, into the new watch band.

Place the end of one band into one lug. Bring the other end of the watch band up to the other side of the lug and use the screwdriver to compress the watch pin, and line up the end of the band with the lug. Release the pin and it will lock into the lug.

Repeat step 6 to install the other side of the band.