How do I Replace a Battery in a Men's Pulsar Watch?

by Meredith Jameson ; Updated September 28, 2017

Smooth case backs are referred to as snap-back cases.

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Pulsar watches are available in a wide variety of dress and sports styles for both men and women and can be purchased at many department stores and authorized retailers worldwide. As with almost all watches, over time the battery in a Pulsar may slow or stop, necessitating a new battery in the watch. Replacing a battery in a men’s Pulsar watch may require a few tools but does not take much time.

Set the watch on a soft surface and turn it over. Wipe the case back with a clean cloth to remove any dirt or debris that could fall into the watch when the case back is opened.

Examine the case back. If the case back is smooth with an indent on the side of the case back that matches an indent on the side of the watch, it is a snap-back case. If there are slots on the case back, it is a screw-back case.

Use a small standard screwdriver to turn the slots on a screw-back case in a counterclockwise motion to open the back of the watch. A special tool called a case-back wrench can also be used to open a screw-back watch and can be purchased at most watch repair stores. Place the metal tips of the case-back wrench into the slots on the case back and turn the wrench in a counterclockwise motion to open the case back.

Insert the tip of the standard screwdriver into the indent on the side of the watch on a snap-back case and apply gentle pressure to lift the case back off the watch.

Lift the case back off the watch and set aside. Lift the old battery out of the watch using your fingernails or the tip of the standard screwdriver blade.

Set a new watch battery into the watch and pop into place. If unsure about what type of watch battery to purchase, use the old battery as a guide. Watch batteries are available at many grocery stores, drugstores or hardware stores.

Set the case back on the watch and align the indents if it is a snap-back case. Push gently with your thumbs to pop the case back into place. Use the screwdriver or case-back wrench to turn the slots in a clockwise motion on a screw-back watch and close the case back.

Set the watch if necessary.

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