How to Replace Raymond Weil Watch Battery


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Replacing a Raymond Weil watch battery should be performed by an authorized Raymond Weil dealer. Replacing the battery on contemporary Raymond Weils takes some skill because the case is pressurized on some models or contains a rubber gasket to keep it water-tight. If you determine your Raymond Weil watch has a pressurized case back, don’t attempt a battery replacement. Take it to an authorized dealer. The warranty on a recently purchased Raymond Weil watch will be voided if you perform a battery replacement yourself. Replacing the battery yourself on older Raymond Weils without a warranty is an acceptable risk.

Examine the Raymond Weil case back to determine whether it features a snap-down model found on older models, screw-down that rotates off the case, or the screw-down fastened by four screws, according to Ask an authorized Raymond Weil watch dealer whether the screw-down versions are pressurized. Have the dealer’s watchmaker change the battery if the case back is pressurized.

Skip this step and proceed to Step 3 for the screw-down model or Step 4 for the versions with case back screws. Use a watchmaker’s case blade to pop open the snap-down Raymond Weil watch. Insert blade under the lip either at 6 or 12 o’clock. Push downward. The case will pop open.

Insert a pin from the case opener into the notches around the edge of the screw-down case back to ensure you have the correct size pins for the notches. Install the pins on the case opener. Insert the pins into the notches and rotate the case opener counterclockwise until the case back is free from the case. A rubber gasket will come off with the case back.

Use a watcher’s screwdriver to remove the screws from the case back of Raymond Weil watch that uses screws to fasten the case back. Lift the case back and gasket from the case.

Use a watchmaker’s screwdriver to loosen the screw fastening the flat strap over the top of the battery. Don’t remove the screw. Push the strap aside. Use the tweezers to remove the battery.

Examine the battery, which will probably be a 1.5-volt Alkaline or Silver Oxide battery. A replacement Silver Oxide battery should be used for can multifunctional chronographs that use more energy. A replacement Alkaline battery is good for standard analogs.

Use the tweezers to insert the replacement battery into the holder. Move the strap over the battery. Tighten the strap screw with the screwdriver.

Replace the case back and replacement gasket onto the case in the reverse order that you removed it.