How to Take Out a Bulova Watch Battery

Bulova, a Swiss watch company, produces Accutron, Wittnauer, Caravelle and Bulova watches. Bulova watches have a "snap back," which means the watch case back snaps onto the watch case. Removing a watch battery is a simple process and can be done by someone who does not have experience working with watches.

Turn the Bulova watch face down on a soft cloth to prevent the watch face from getting scratched when you are removing the battery.

Insert the tip of a small screwdriver, the type of screwdriver that could be used on eyeglasses, into the crevice between where the pop-up watch back meets the watch case. Move the screwdriver up and down to pry the watch case back open. You may need to use force, but be careful not to scratch the watch case. When the case is open, you will see a rubber gasket around the outside of the case. Keep this in a safe place, because you will need to put it back exactly as you found it before you close the case. The rubber gasket helps ensure that the case is waterproof.

Locate the small, round battery. Then, put your screwdriver underneath the battery to remove it. You can pull it out with a pair of tweezers or your fingers.