How to Snap the Back Onto a Fossil Watch

by Megan Mattingly-Arthur

Replacing the back of your Fossil watch is a snap.

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Fossil has been a leading producer of fashionable-yet-affordable watches since the 1980s. Fossil watch cases are pressure-sealed to make them water-resistant. This often useful feature can present a challenge when it comes time to replace your watch battery. Removing the watch back with a watch case opening tool is only half the battle. Luckily, replacing the back of your Fossil watch is a lot easier than getting it open.

Step 1

Hold the Fossil watch face down in the palm of your hand.

Step 2

Line up the notches on the back of the watch with the indentations on the watch's inside rim.

Step 3

Apply gentle pressure to the center of the Fossil watch back to snap it into place. If the back of the watch does not immediately snap into place, gradually apply more pressure until it does.


  • When you were disassembling your Fossil watch, you may have removed a round plastic or rubber disk that was covering your watch's battery. This little disk helps keep your watch water-resistant, so be sure to replace it before snapping the back onto your Fossil watch.


  • Be careful not to damage your watch's inner workings when replacing the back cover. Opening the case of your Fossil watch to perform a do-it-yourself repair may void the warranty.


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