How to Sterilize Eyeglasses

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Eyeglasses, when worn regularly, are constantly exposed to germs, bacteria and viruses. Contagious illnesses such as conjunctivitis and other eye infections can spread if you touch your glasses with unwashed hands. In addition to removing general dirt and stains, cleaning and sterilizing your eyeglasses can help reduce the risk of catching or spreading germs. Use proper cleaning and sterilizing methods to sterilize your eyeglasses without damaging them.

Hold your eyeglasses carefully under running water to wet the lenses. Place a drop of antibacterial soap on each side of both lenses. Put your index finger on one side of the lens and your thumb on the other, and rub the lens in a circular motion. Repeat with the other lens, followed by the frames.

Rinse your eyeglasses with warm water. Dry the lenses and frames with a soft cloth.

Dampen another cloth with rubbing alcohol. Wipe off the surface of the lenses and frames with the rubbing alcohol to sterilize the eyeglasses. Dry the glasses with a clean cloth.