How to Remove Lenses Off of Wiley X Sunglasses

Wiley X sunglasses are designed so that you can separate the lens from the frame. This allows you to not only clean the frames and maintain the sealing ring around the lenses available on most Wiley X frames, but also change out the lenses to other models to change your look. Although it will take a bit of effort to do it properly, you can remove your lenses from your Wiley X sunglasses with just a little bit of time.

Place the lenses on a work surface so that they are right-side-up. Place your left hand on the left lens with your thumb on the bridge running across the middle of the glasses.

Place your right hand on the right lens with your thumb on the lens closest to the nose insert. Push the right lens out of the frames while holding the frame steady with your left hand until it pops out completely.

Swap your hand positions so that your right hand is holding the bridge of the nose and the thumb on the left hand is on the left lens. Push out the lens with your thumb until it's free from the frame.