How to Remove Ray Ban Lenses

by Suzanne Geller ; Updated September 28, 2017

Ray-Ban lenses shield your eyes from the sun and help keep you cool.

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Even though Ray-Ban technology has been around for more than seventy years, wearing glasses full or part time can present its challenges. Lenses can inconveniently fall out, nose pads can loosen with wear and the screw that secures the frame to the arm can break, leaving your vision lopsided as the arm falters. Some repairs are elected, such as exchanging lenses to a lighter or darker shade or replacing those that have been badly scratched. It is helpful to be your own optical repairman whether you wear metal, solid plastic or rimless Ray-Bans.

Step 1

Hold the glasses with the lenses facing toward you and the arms facing away from you.

Step 2

Loosen the lenses in a metal frame by using a screwdriver to remove the small screw on each side of the frame securing it to the arm. As the frame loosens, gently use your fingers to separate the lenses from the frame and remove them.

Step 3

Snap out the lenses on a solid plastic frame by placing your thumbs on opposite ends of one lens. Press firmly on the lens while securing the frame in your fingers. Snap it out by applying a burst of power on the front of the lens so it pops out backwards. Repeat the process for the opposite lens.

Step 4

Push out the lenses from a rimless frame by placing your thumbs on opposite ends of one lens. Press firmly on the lens while gently securing the frame. Push it out with a burst of power or until the nylon (rimless) wire loosens so that the lens falls away from it. Repeat the process for the opposite lens.

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