How to Repair Eyeglasses With a Broken Bridge

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The bridge of your eyeglasses provides nearly 90 percent of the weight of your eyeglasses. So when the bridge breaks, your eyeglasses will be useless. The bridge is vulnerable to breakage, and permanent repairs are difficult to make on your own. A professional should make permanent repairs to eyeglasses; otherwise your vision can be impaired. You can make temporary repairs however, until you can take your glasses to an optician or replace them with a new pair of eyeglasses.

Wrap the bridge of your eyeglasses in adhesive tape or a hypo-allergenic tape that won’t irritate sensitive skin. Cut a one-inch section of tape with scissors. Hold the bridge together with one hand while your wrap the tape carefully with the other around the broken bridge. Overlap the tape tightly as you wrap it.

Glue the bridge of your eyeglasses together with a hot glue gun and glue stick so that the break won’t be so visible. Put a glue stick in the glue gun and plug it in. Set the glasses on a heat-proof surface, like a piece of aluminum foil. Wait until the glue stick has begun to melt in the glue gun. You can tell by pressing the trigger; you should see some glue coming from the nozzle. Hold the bridge together with one hand while pressing the trigger on the glue gun and applying hot glue to the broken ends of the bridge. Hold the bridge in place with both hands, and press together for one minute or until the glue dries.

Glue the bridge of your eyeglasses together with Superglue, Gorilla Glue or other semi-permanent glue that works on plastic. Hold the glasses together with one hand over a piece of aluminum foil while squeezing glue on the broken bridge. Hold the bridge together with both hands for about one minute until the glue dries.