How to Fix a Broken Umbrella

The wind has blown your umbrella inside-out again. Or, your umbrella is torn, and you've decided to fix it. Follow these steps to have it rain ready in no time.

Mend a broken pole or stem by gluing it back together. Depending on whether the pole is metal or wood, be sure to choose the right adhesive. Line up the two broken pieces and glue them together. Let the first layer of adhesive dry, and then apply another layer around the pole to provide extra strength to the weakened spot.

Piece a broken stem together with a dowel rod. This will take some skill on your part and will work only if the pole is hollow. Drill small holes in the umbrella pole on each side of the break. Drill corresponding holes in the dowel rod. Insert the dowel rod in the pole, line up the holes and run wire or screws through the holes to fasten the pole together again. This should provide a long-term fix, if done properly.

Strengthen spokes by securing them to the hub where they all join. Use fishing line or fine wire for this.

Attach a large bead to the tip of the umbrella to use as an anchor for broken spokes. Get strong thread or nylon cord to tie the spokes to the stem and the anchor bead.

Repair torn fabric canopies with material that closely matches the umbrella's own color and fabric weave. Do the repairs on the outside of the umbrella. Allow enough fabric to cover the hole.

Use inner tube patching material to repair plastic canopies. You can purchase patching material at a bicycle or tire repair shop.