How to Get Rid of Snags on a Silk Charmeuse

Silk is an extremely delicate fabric that can rip, snag and run easily. This is because many types of silk is lightweight and not very dense. The loosely woven threads can pull on objects such as jewelry, nails or belts. Fix snags as soon as you notice them to prevent them from spreading and making a run in your silk charmeuse garment.

Gently tug the fabric on all sides of the snag. This will help make the loop smaller and will work it back into the silk.

Flatten the loop against the loop as you are tugging it to help move the loop into the fabric. This process will generally work very quickly if you just recently snagged the silk.

Poke a snag repair needle through the back of the fabric. Get as close to the snag as possible.

Grasp the snag loop with the hook on the end of the nag repair needle and pull it through the other side of the silk. This will hide the snag.