How to Fix Holes in Pantyhose

by Laura Gianino

If you've ever just left your home for a date, an interview or a regular day on the job, then you know the anguish upon discovering a hole in your pantyhose when it's too late to repair it. But there's two secret weapons that can act as quick fixes to prevent further damage. Though not a permanent fix, nail polish and hairspray can swiftly harden the fibers of the pantyhose and hold them in place for a worry-free day or night out in your tights.

The Nail Polish Fix

Remove the pantyhose. Apply clear nail polish around the entirety of the hole and outward approximately a quarter of an inch from the edge.

Wait for the nail polish to dry and harden. The polish seals the hole to prevent the run.

Turn the tights inside out to repeat the process on the other side. Allow the polish a few minutes to dry. Once you notice it has hardened, you can put the pantyhose back on.

The Hairspray Fix

Use the hairspray method if you are in a pinch and cannot wait for nail polish to dry. Take the pantyhose off, and then stick your hand into the pantyhose to stretch the hole against your skin. Be gentle so as not rip the hole any further.

Spray hairspray generously around the entirety of the hole along and around the edges until the area surrounding the hole is saturated. Allow the spray to dry for a couple of minutes.

Pull the pantyhose inside out and repeat on the other side. Allow to dry.

Items you will need

  • Clear nail polish
  • Hairspray


  • It is not recommended to do the nail polish method with the tights on, but in an emergency you can leave the tights on as long as you hold them away from your skin to allow the nail polish to dry fully (and not on your skin).

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