Repairing a Dry Fur Pelt

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Dry fur pelts have served mankind since the dawn of time as a form of clothing and a source of warmth, although nowadays fur pelts are likely used just as often for decoration or trophies. Fur pelts can get damaged from heavy use, become faded over time or get torn or punctured. Either way, you can repair the pelts yourself with some basic supplies and a few sewing techniques.

Holes or Tears

Pin the two sides of the hole or tear together.

Use a thin needle to carefully sew the hole shut, using the thimble to push the needle through the fur.

Use the needle-nose pliers to pull the needle through the other side. Before pulling it taut, brush out any fur that is stuck under the thread on the other side.

Cut and tie off the thread when finished.

Faded Color

Pour a little of the leather or shoe dye that is the same color as your pelt on the cotton swab.

Dab the color on the area that has faded.

Allow to dry.