How to Get a Marriage Certificate Online

by Kelly Morris

In most states, you can request a copy of your marriage certificate online. Many people find this more convenient than requesting a marriage certificate by mail or driving to the appropriate office to request one in person. You may receive your marriage certificate faster if you request it online rather than by mail as well.

Visit the website for the Department of Vital Records in the state in which the nuptials took place. In some states, the Department of Health handles marriage certificates and other vital records.

Follow the instructions on the website to get a marriage certificate. Submit all requested information, including the full names of both bride and groom, the date of the marriage and the county or city in which the marriage took place.

Submit your credit card information to pay the fee to get a marriage certificate. Fees vary from state to state.

Items you will need

  • Credit card


  • In some states it is cheaper to request a marriage certificate by mail or in person than to do so online, so research the fees for the different types of acquisition.


  • While you can get a marriage certificate online in most states, in some you cannot, so check with the state's Department of Vital Records for more information.
  • In most states, only parties to the marriage or other individuals authorized by a court of law can get a marriage certificate.

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