How to Undo a Divorce

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If you've had a change of heart about ending your marriage, you can undo a divorce case while it's still in progress. If your divorce has been finalized and the decree has been signed by a judge, your undo must come in the form of remarrying your spouse. Give your decision careful consideration, and if you reunite with your spouse, prepare to seek assistance to help you work through the problems that led to filing divorce papers. Still, you'd not be alone in doing so. You'd be joining the ranks of many people, like Billy Ray Cyrus and Larry King who stopped a divorce on the brink of being final, and those who've married the same person twice following a finalized divorce, like Larry King, Elizabeth Taylor, Natalie Wood, Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson and Eminem.

Withdraw your complaint. Each state has a different method for doing so. You may need to file a formal document to rescind your divorce papers. Call the clerk of the court to ensure you follow the proper protocol.

File a motion for relief from judgment. Even after the final hearing, in most states, there is a 30-day period during which either spouse can file a post-trial motion to request a change.

Remarry. If your divorce decree has been signed and you've passed the waiting period, that marriage has been dissolved. Start a new marriage proceeding, following the requirements in your state.