How to Get a Copy of Our Marriage License in Ohio

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Aside from needing a marriage license to get married in Ohio, you might also need a copy of your license after you are married to prove your identity and marital status. For example, if you change your name once you're married, you must send a copy of your marriage record to the Social Security Administration to receive a corrected Social Security card. The probate court issues marriage licenses in Ohio. You can order certified copies of your marriage license from the probate court in the county where the marriage occurred.

Find Your Local Probate Court

Getting a copy of your marriage license depends on the process your county has in place. Some counties will mail you a certified copy if you email your request; others require you to visit your local probate court and order the number of copies you need. Start by locating your county's ordering procedures and relevant contact information. Marriage records are generally on file at your local probate court if at least one of you lived in the county at the time of the marriage or if the marriage ceremony was performed in the county.

Walk-in Applications

The fastest way to get a copy of your marriage license in Ohio is to drop into your local probate court. Give the full name of the bride and groom, the bride's previous name and the year of the marriage. Bring photo ID such as your driver's license or valid passport and cash for each certified copy requested, since some counties do not accept credit or debit cards. Fees vary by county, but you can generally expect to pay $2 to $4 per certified copy.

Request a Copy by Mail

Some counties give you the option to send in a request by mail. If this is permitted in your area, send a self-addressed, stamped return envelope to your local office. Some counties might require you to fill out a copy request form; check the county website for details. Include the name of the bride and groom, including the bride's maiden name, the date of marriage and the number of copies you are requesting. Enclose a money order, cash or certified check for the fee. It's a good idea to include a telephone number in the instance the court cannot locate your records.

Request a Copy Online

Some counties, including Montgomery County, give you the option of ordering a copy of your Ohio marriage license online, as long as your original license was issued in that county and you know the exact date of your marriage ceremony. Follow the instructions on-screen to order a certified copy of your marriage records. You'll also need a credit card to pay the fee, which might include a nominal vendor convenience fee. The county will mail your certified copies within 48 hours of when you submitted your online request.