How to Become a Wedding Officiant in New Mexico

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Many couples today are opting for non-traditional wedding ceremonies. One of the newest trends is having the ceremony performed by a close family member or friend. If you are planning to get married in New Mexico, you are in luck. New Mexico does not require any government licensing to perform marriages beyond a basic license, which can be obtained from any online ordination site. All it takes is a few mouse clicks and you are ready to officiate.

Find a non-denominational website that offers online ordination.

Provide the requested information, including your full legal name, address and the title by which you would like to go by such as Reverend, Minister, Deacon or even Priestess.

Choose the length of your licensing. Most institutions will offer a one-year, five-year or lifetime license.

Pay the required registration fee to complete your order. Once you place your order, your ID card will typically ship the following day.

Carry your valid Ministers ID with you when you perform the marriage and be prepared to present it if needed.