How to Replace a Lost Canadian Birth Certificate

by Alan Temple

A birth certificate is something you probably take for granted, and you may not even be entirely sure where it is. Yet you will need your birth certificate to apply for a passport or other important government documents, and if you lose it then it must be replaced. Thankfully, replacing a lost birth certificate in Canada is reasonably hassle-free.

Compile the important personal documents which will allow you to apply for a new birth certificate. These include your citizenship certificate and pink transmission copies, two forms of photo identification, and any other government certificates, such as marriage certificates or divorce decrees.

Visit the Application for a citizenship certificate section of the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website (see resources) and scroll to the list of documents at the bottom of the page. You will see an instruction guide, the application form, and a document checklist, all in PDF form. Download those files.

Fill in the application. Complete the application form from the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website. It is a relatively simple, step-by-step application form which asks for certain personal details and information.

Pay the fee for a new birth certificate. Visit the "Client Services" section of the website and click on "Payment of Fees." Follow the instructions to a secure page where you can pay by all major cards.

Send your completed application package to the case processing center at Case Processing Centre, Syndey-Proofs, Box 10000, Syndey, Nova Scotia, B1P 7C1.

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Brought to you by LEAFtv
Brought to you by LEAFtv

Items you will need

  • Internet
  • Fee payment
  • Application form
  • Document checklist
  • Citizenship certificate
  • Two forms of photo identification
  • Marriage certificates (if applicable)
  • Divorce decrees (if applicable)

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