How to Find Out How Much a Rolex Watch Is Worth

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The Rolex brand is one of the most recognized names in the watch manufacturing industry. Founded by Hans Wildorf in 1908, it was originally called Wildorf and Davis. The basic shape of a Rolex has remained relatively unchanged since the company's inception, which has contributed to the brand's classic look and feel.

Find your Rolex's reference number and serial number. These can be found on the watch's certificate. If you do not have the certificate, you can also find these numbers behind the watch's bracelet.

Identify the Rolex model. Click on the "Rolex Identification" link found in the resources section of this article. A new website should appear. On this new page, click on the link labeled "References" to find a list of all Rolex models, along with their corresponding reference numbers.

Identify the age of the watch. Return to the "Rolex Identification" website and click on the "Production Dates by Serial Number" link. Find your watch's serial number in the list to determine its age.

Determine the value of the watch. Click on the "Rolex Value Estimator" found in the Resource section of this article. A new webpage should appear. On the top right hand corner, there is a section labeled "Your Watch Details." Enter the watch's model and age and click "Sell Your Watches Now." You will be provided with an estimate of how much the Rolex is worth.