How to Tell a Fake Casio Watch

Casio makes some of the most popular watches in the world. Due to their popularity, fake Casio’s have become more common in recent years. While Casio watches are known for their durability and longevity, a knock-off will wear out quickly due to its lack of quality. If you are looking to buy a new Casio watch, it is a good idea to know what to look for to ensure it’s the real item.

Look to see if “Casio” appears on the face of the watch. Many replicas will put the brand name such as G-Shock or Pathfinder on the watch but will not include the manufacture name of Casio.

Check the model number on the back of the watch and on the back of the box that the watch came in. Some fake watches won’t have a model number but all authentic Casio’s will.

Buy the Casio watch from a reputable place. Online stores and eBay are common places where fake ones are sold. The chance of buying a legitimate watch at a department store is much greater, plus they are much more likely to guarantee the authenticity of the product.