How to Tell If Your G-Shock Is Fake?

G-Shock watches, designed and manufactured by Casio, are heavy-duty timekeepers that come in many colors, styles and designs. Because of their popularity, production of counterfeits is widespread. As a result, fake G-Shocks circulate throughout online marketplaces like eBay as well as street and shop vendors. To avoid paying full price for a fake G-shock, look for several key details.

Check the model number of your G-shock watch, which is engraved on the back of the watch. Most fake G-Shocks will not list a real model number. Look up the model number in the Casio watch archive to see if it is associated with a genuine G-Shock model.

Inspect the front and back of the watch for the Casio brand name. Cheap reproductions will look similar to a G-Shock design, but will not include details such as the brand name. Fake G-Shock watches will sometimes also have fake model names like G-Sport or Aqua Sport. Check the Casio watch archives to see if the model name exists.

Check for small details that differentiate genuine G-Shock watches from fake ones. Genuine G-Shocks will have a square pointer at the 12 o’clock instead of a triangle. The wording on and around the dial, such as “alarm chrono" or "illuminator," should be white instead of black. The adjustment button on the watch should be located on the top left only. Finally, the window that displays the day of the week should be located directly under and between the first two top dials. Fake watches will display this information directly under the second dial.