How to Recognize a Real Vacheron Constantin

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In an age where everything is reproduced to exactly mimic the original, it is hard to tell a real Vacheron Constantin from a fake. Vacheron Constantin, also known as the Hallmark of Geneva, is a producer of watches that are priced at thousands of dollars. The company takes actions to protect itself from replications. According to the company, "In view of their complexity, Hallmark of Geneva-certified movements can only be fully mastered by the hand of man." The real watches contain handmade intricate details that differentiate them from the replicas.

Look for what the Vacheron Constantin watch is sold with. Every authentic Vacheron Constantin watch featuring a Hallmark of Geneva-certified movement is always sold with a warranty certificate, instruction leaflet and a certificate of origin.

Check the certificate of origin. It should be individually numbered and completed by hand. This certificate confirms "that its movement has successfully fulfilled every condition required by the Office for the optional inspection of Genevan watches," according to the Vacheron Contantin Certification, available online on its website.

Open up the watch or have a watchmaker examine it. Authentic Vacheron Constantin watches have an Official Seal of the Canton of Geneva stamped on the lead seal. This is a gold-colored seal shape with Geneva written on the bottom. Additionally, the movement itself must be stamped with the Hallmark of Geneva. Its name, Vacheron Constantin, will also be stamped inside.

Observe its details. Vacheron Contantin watches do not have metal springs. The design is complex. Its name will be stamped on the face of the watch. Everything should be working perfectly. All watches have exceptional quality and meet 12 specific criteria that define movement design and characteristics assuring product excellent and authenticity. Each Vacheron Constantin must be approved and certified by the commission of the Canton of Geneva, hence the certificate.

Look at the price of the Vacheron Constantin. Prices range from thousands to tens of thousands, most of which are priced at around $7,000. All authentic Vacheron Contantin watches are one of a kind with their own handwritten number and certificate.

Obtain a Certificate of Authenticity from Vacheron Constantin after purchasing a watch. This certificate is offered after the watch has been examined by experts in the Heritage department through exclusive boutiques or authorized dealer. This certificate verifies the authenticity of the watch and identifies the original nature of its components, providing you with technical and aesthetic details. This certificate comes at an additional fee, but it is another way of knowing for sure that your watch is truly authentic.