How to Recognize an Authentic Breitling Bentley A25362

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The Breitling A25362 is colloquially referred to as the Breitling and is a Bentley Motors chronograph. These timepieces represent a benchmark in craftsmanship and fashion for two status brands. They have also become commonly counterfeited watches for those who either lack the funds to purchase the real thing or who were taken in by an unscrupulous dealer. Knowing what to look for in an authentic piece is of utmost importance when purchasing one at the resale level.

Watch Face

Verify that your Breitling timepiece has an embossed logo on its dial. If the logo is stamped or painted on the watch, then it is a fake as Breitling does not brand its watches in this manner. On the embossed logo, check to make sure that the area between the anchor and surrounding wings is filled in as Breitling only produces its logo in this fashion.

Examine the dial of the watch closely and make note of the sub-dials' functions. Chronographs, by definition, have smaller dials set in the larger dial itself. On a Breitling, these sub-dials are used exclusively for chronograph functions. If the watch uses these sub-dials for calendar functions, it is not an authentic Breitling.

Inspect the hands of the watch and the pin that holds them in place. On an authentic Breitling A25362, the pin must be the same color as the hands as they are made of the same material. Examine the hands themselves and note the Breitling anchor logo on the second hand. It should be clearly defined as it is laser cut. Any imperfection in the definition of this logo is a clear sign of a replica timepiece.


Turn the watch over and look at the back of the case. The caseback on the Breitling A25362 should be rounded. If the case is flat, it is a telltale sign that the watch you are looking at is not authentic.

Examine the lettering on the caseback. The etching on the caseback should be clearly printed with easily defined lettering. It should also be relatively deep since these casebacks are laser-etched to exacting standards.

Note how the word "Breitling" is engraved in the caseback. "Breitling" will be printed in capital letters on the A25362. If it is not, then it is not authentic.