How do I Tell a Fake Omega Constellation?

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The Omega Constellation is a beautiful watch made for both men and women that is crafted out of various precious metals and often features diamonds and other gems in its design. Since 1848, Omega has been making time pieces which are ahead of their time in functionality and design. Buzz Aldrin wore an Omega watch in 1969 when he stepped onto the surface of the moon. Like most premier luxury goods, crafty counterfeiters have worked hard at emulating the design of Omega products for their own profit. However, Omega watches, especially the Omega Constellation, have certain hallmarks that the savvy collector can look for to ensure the product they're considering is the real deal.

Check the watch movements. The Omega Constellation is an example of a chronometer watch. This means that the movements of the watch have been tested for precision in five different positions and temperatures. Once the movement has been tested and certified it is stamped with a caliber number as a signifier that it has passed inspection. According to the eBay guide issued to help collectors spot fake Omega Constellations, the vintage caliber numbers used in making this watch include 354, 504, 505, 551, 561, 564 and 751. If the Constellation movement is stamped with anything other than those numbers it is possibly a counterfeit.

Ask Omega. Authorized Omega dealers are provided with a warranty for each watch they take into stock and the serial numbers that correspond to that watch. Obtain this information upon purchasing any Omega watch and then contact the company to verify the watch's authenticity. If a dealer refuses to give you this information, the watch should be considered highly suspect and a potential forgery.

Check the front of the case and the watch band. Omega has a few design elements which are consistent in all of their models. There are four clasps located approximately at 2:30, 3:30, 8:30 and 9:30. The lines of an Omega watch should all be rounded and the watch band is inconspicuously attached to the watch piece. The metal is highly polished, which is especially important to note if you are purchasing a new Constellation. The Roman numerals on the face of the watch are engraved into the face, not painted on. There should be three additional sub-dials for chronography and a 24-hour display. The date window is located at six o' clock. Variations of these aspects of an Omega watch indicate a counterfeit.

Put the metal to the test. Omega makes their watches out of high grade materials--gold, silver, platinum, titanium and stainless steel. Pay particular attention to any watches featuring gold in the design, the most common trick counterfeiters will use to replicate this watch is to use a brass-nickel alloy (called pinchbeck), which when polished looks just like gold. Take the watch to a jeweler or use a home test to make sure that the metal is what it has been advertised to be.