How to Spot a Fake Mont Blanc Watch

man looking at watch image by Ramona smiers from

If you're in to high-end timepieces, then you've probably heard of Mont Blanc watches. These watches are manufactured in Germany, with some new models priced as high as $5,000 and vintage models for much more. Because of their popularity, counterfeiters have manufactured replicas in the Mont Blanc image. But you don't have to fall victim to buying a replica. If you're ready to make a watch purchase, there are some simple steps you can take to be able to spot a fake Mont Blanc with confidence.

Know the price range. If you are offered a Mont Blanc at a price so low that it sounds too good to be true, then it's probably not a real Mont Blanc. The superior craftsmanship that goes into the Mont Blanc brand demands a high price. For example, basic models, like the Mont Blanc Star can retail for as little as $800 to $15,000. Other models demand even higher prices.

Cross-reference the watch. Mont Blanc's website features each model of their watch. Use the website's zoom feature to study the details of the watch face, band and case. Study the characteristics listed for each watch. For example, The Mont Blanc Timewalker Automatic is listed as having a continuous second hand and an alligator skin strap band. If the Timewalker you're investigating has a ticking hand and a metal strap -- chances are it's a fake.

Inspect the general quality. Mont Blanc watches are high-end for a reason: they are very well made. Look for obvious flaws that would not pass their quality control standards. Are the bezels on the band unevenly spaced? Are there misspellings? Does the watch feel light and flimsy? Is the logo badly reproduced? Are there serial numbers associated etched on the back? If your general instincts tell you that the watch is not superiorly crafted, it's probably not.

Go to an authorized dealer. Be wary of vendors who are not authorized to sell Mont Blanc watches. Authorized vendors can be found through the boutique locator feature on the Mont Blanc website. Keep in mind, that while watches purchased from outside vendors may be real, they cannot issue an official warranty that will be honored by the Mont Blanc company. The only way the company validates authenticity is to have it inspected by an authorized dealer.