How to Determine the Authenticity of ESQ Watches

ESQ watches are made by Movado, founded in Switzerland, and were launched in 1992. Plated in 23-karat gold, women’s ESQ watches feature Swarovski crystal bezels and dials and are scratch-resistant while men’s ESQ watches are made with stainless steel and feature textured dials and glowing hands. Counterfeit ESQ watches are made and sold. The counterfeit watch makers attempt to replicate the ESQ designs, however; with the knowledge of what to look for, you can avoid purchasing a counterfeit ESQ watch.

Closely examine the crown of the watch. This is the knob used to adjust the time or date. Look for any signs of glue. You should not see any glue or glue residue. Wind the dial. The winding should feel smooth, and you should not feel the watch move or feel any sensation of movement.

Look at the date dial on the watch if your watch has this feature. Use a magnifying glass and make sure the numbers are crisp and clear. Fake ESQ watches often have numbers that are blurred out or not crisp.

Check the spelling on all aspects of the watch. movado watches are made in Switzerland, while those who make counterfeit watches in other countries may not know other languages or proper spelling.

Use the magnifying glass and closely examine the area under the watch glass. An authentic ESQ watch is made in factories with quality control. You should not see dirt and debris in an authentic ESQ watch.