How to Set the Date and Time on a Rolex DateJust

Rolex's collection of DateJust watches includes classic Rolex models. The DateJust was originally introduced in 1945 as the first wristwatch displaying the date. Years later, the Cyclops magnifying eye was added to its dial. Rolex makes it easy to set the time and date on its DateJust watches, and the steps are universal for all watches in this line.

Setting the Date

Locate the crown on the side of the Rolex DateJust watch. Keep the watch on or take it off if desired.

Pull out the crown halfway. The date on Rolex DateJust watches is preset at the factory but you may reset it if it is incorrect.

Turn the crown clockwise. This will cause the date to move ahead quickly, which is useful when you want to change the date at the end of a month that has less than 31 days. The time will remain unchanged.

Turn the crown until you have set the desired date. Once done, push the crown back to its original position. The date on the Rolex DateJust should now be correct.

Setting the Time

Pull the crown all the way out.

Turn the crown either clockwise or counterclockwise to set the time. The hand indicating the seconds will not move until the crown is pushed back.

Push the crown back to its original position once time is set.